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Welcome to the Montpelier Qi Gong website, where I hope you will find all the information you need to assist you in joining the class and boosting your health!

What is Qi Gong?
Qi Gong is a practice that’s thousands of years old.  It has endured this long because people find it effective as a way of maintaining their wellbeing.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) refers to the subtle energy that animates us, gives us life.  Gong means to work, to cultivate, to be clever with.  So Qi Gong is the practice of cultivating our qi so that it is plentiful and flowing smoothly.  When we do this we maintain our health and our life proceeds more smoothly!

What happens in a class
We practice simple movements as well as paying attention to our breathing  The movements are smooth, relaxed, graceful and effortless.  Some people think of it as 'meditation in motion'.  The effect is calming for the mind, and relaxing for the body.
The atmosphere is relaxed and light hearted.  This is the perfect complement to working out at the gym:  When we work out we contract muscles, push ourselves, burn calories and stress the heart.  Here we balance that by relaxing and lengthening muscles, cultivating ease, and experiencing the inner stillness of the heart. 

What are some benefits
In each series of classes you will learn a set of movements that you can practice at home, and this is where the benefits lie - it's all in the practice.  The more wecan practice, the more we will feel the benefits.  Typical benefits that participants report are feeling relaxed and energized, coping better with stress, smoother emotions, easing of physical aches and pains, able to respond to life's situations more gracefully.
Many of these benefits can stem from the mind slowing down and paying more attention, both to our surroundings, and to our internal sensations.  We find ourselves more in touch with ourselves and thus better able to be present.  Our culture has devised the most challenging lifestyle imaginable and this has severe impacts on our health.  Slowing down and increasing awareness is key to regaining our wellbeing, and this is one of the gifts we experience in the Qi Gong class! 
I sometimes speak of Qi Gong as developing a toolbox or medicine pouch.  Over time we gather a range of 'tools' or 'medicines' which are then available to us, they become choices that we can draw upon in the moment, freeing us from the damage of habitual reactions.
Another benefit is harmonizing with our environment.  As we practice we can gradually become more connected, more "one" with our surroundings.  We experience the harmony, and feel supported. 

Why do you say it's "Like Chinese Medicine in Motion"
Chinese Medicine is like a tree with many branches.  Acupuncture is one of the branches, Qi Gong is another.  Both have the same objective - greater health through cultivating the smooth, balanced flow of Qi, and both use the same principles of healing.  We just don't use acupuncture needles in Qi Gong! 
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